How it Works

A typical spiritual direction one-on-one session starts with silence and then allows you, the client, to talk about important questions you may have. Sometimes this relates to matters of faith, but not necessarily. It is my intention to listen to your concerns in the context of your own tradition.

While most of us have many questions, we will put some of them aside for the time being and simply begin to talk. You talk. I listen. I may ask questions to clarify what you have said. My goal is to allow you to bring your questions to the table. We will look at them together.

We may begin with a poem or a prayer or simply some silence. Perhaps you will bring something that you want to share. I will not offer pat answers. Sometimes we will simply begin the process by talking.

I can make suggestions for journalling, art work, or other forms of exploration. If you would like assignments, I can offer them.

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