The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

Just this morning a yellow school bus rumbled by on the country road in front of my house.  The early days of the school year always tug at my heart.  This month is a great time to jump start a beginning of the year tune up.

Here’s a simple no stress way to do that.  Consider four areas of your life as the wheels of a car.  Answer these questions to consider how you want to proceed.

Physical Aspect

Have you had a nudge to take better care of yourself? Do you eat, sleep, and move the way you want to?

Emotional/Social Aspect

Are you taking time for healthy relationships and fun? Do you allow yourself opportunities to be creative and enjoy your interests?

Vocational/Intellectual Aspect

Are you doing the work you feel called to do and keeping your mind (and skills) sharp? Are you learning new things?

Spiritual Aspect

Do you meditate or pray? Are you allowing time for quiet reflection and reading? Are you engaged with others in a like-minded community?

It's all about staying in balance.