After the holiday joy, it's good to rest for a while.

Okay, I'll admit it. If I were to tell you my life story, you'd learn that somewhere between life as a high school honor student who became a sorority girl and a wise grandmother,  I was a bit counter cultural. I was a natural childbirth advocate and a homeschooler of seven kids. It was whole grain and organic all the way.

Even today, I do not always side with the majority in matters of life and faith. 

As I write by the radiant warmth of the wood stove, the frigid countryside is very still. The sound of logs burning keeps me company. The dog snores at my feet. The rest of the family is off visiting a cousin.  

In response to the onslaught of ads for planners and goal setting that have appeared in my inbox, I recently sent a few friends the following message. May I share these counter cultural thoughts with you friends as well?

Take some time this month to breathe.

Just be yourself.

No resolutions.

No goal setting.

No agenda.


Blessings in the new year, dear ones.